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Monday, August 25, 2008

10 NFL and Fantasy Truths

As we approach the beginning of the NFL season, I felt there were a few truths that needed to be expressed.

1. The infected bursa sac of Peyton Manning should not be an issue, provided he doesn't pull a Carl Brashear. He's never had a season with less than 26 touchdowns, and I wouldn't expect this to be the first.

2. Pacman Jones will suffer from his year off. He will still be a great defender.

3. Bill Belichick has not learned his lesson, but will probably leave his camera at home.

4. Drew Brees will quietly have another fantastic season. Over the last two years, he has more passing yards than any other quarterback.

5. Charging PSL's in the NFL (Personal Seat Licenses) for stadiums built with public funds is criminal. You can show your disapproval by not attending games. This will also making it cheaper for me to go.

6. The Patriots will not go 18-1 again this year, but it won't be Brett Favre's fault.

7. Offering any member of the 2007-08 Patriots team members 18 beers and 1 empty shot glass is hilarious. I read about this in an article on ESPN and laugh every time I think about it.

8. Aaron Rodgers will play well enough for the Packers to be happy they kept him, but not well enough that Packers fans won't regret not having Favre.

9. Gene Upshaw was the best thing that ever happened to the NFLPA. Negotiations without him could be, unfortunately, quite different.

10. Chicago fans have hope no matter who starts, because Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton both had more touchdown passes in 2007 than Michael Vick.


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