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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Universal Truths and Obvious Statements.

This is a list of what I would call universal truths.

1. Supply and Demand rules all. If you don't believe me, compare the cost of a bottle of Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon, which can be found for $14.29, to a bottle of Château Petrus Pomerol 1945, priced at $3,787.49 (both wines found at, and yes, the Yellow Tail is ridiculously overpriced there). And don't say taste has anything to do with it, most sources believe that after 25 years even best wines will start to lose their taste, so certainly after 50 years, any wine will go bad.

2. In the history of the world, someone has said the same thing you just did, but they said it better.

3. "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit" (Some sources quote Oscar Wilde, but I can't confirm that).

4. Those who take the quote literally just don't get it.

5. Isn't that ironic?

6. "Baseball is 10 minutes of action squeezed into a 3 hour game" (too many sources and too much variety to nail down a single source)". Even given that, baseball is a fantastic sport. Yes, I love football. No, it's not America's favorite pastime. Baseball will always hold a special place in this nation's collective heart.

7. You cannot root against the Tampa Bay Rays. They have a salary in the bottom few, and are beating up on the top spenders. As it is only the first day of June, that may change, but for now, you have to love this team.

8. "A voice came unto me and said 'Smile and be happy, it could always be worse.' So I smiled, and was happy, and it did indeed get worse" (Source Unknown)

9. This is not a pessimistic statement. If all you do is “smile and be happy”, regardless of what happens, life will suck. You need to work. Become a better husband, wife, employer, employee, father, and mother. Figure out what you enjoy and become better at it. It is ok to be unhappy with your situation, provided you are working hard to change your future.

10. Those who argue that our political situation is something we’ve never experienced before should remember the trouble we had creating the Constitution. In 1787, James Madison and the Anti-Federalists argued against the creation of the Constitution because they felt it did little to protect the rights of the people. Only after the creation of the Bill of Rights (which was not ratified until 4 years later) did the arguments diminish (but they were never completely forgotten).

11. Those who believe the Fairness Doctrine is a good idea should review the First Amendment. Government censure of private citizens is unconstitutional. Additionally, if you don't like what you hear on the radio/TV, change the channel and stop whining. If you are that concerned about hearing something you disagree with, try using the "On/Off" button.

12. An alternative to the "On/Off" button is channel 108.1 on your FM dial. I understand that channel is difficult to pickup, but I hear it eliminates opposing views completely. Keep searching, you'll find it eventually.

13. Finance should be required in High School. Topics in this class should include Stocks, Bonds, Savings, Checking, and Credit Cards.

14. Oil is overpriced.

15. Supply and currency fluctuations dictate the cost of oil.

16. OPEC and the US Government (by limiting the amount of drilling done in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and elsewhere inside our nation), not Exxon Mobile, control the supply of oil.

17. As a nation with abundant resources, we have the responsibility to be dependant on ourselves, not relying on other nations that support our expensive habit. We need to begin drilling wherever we can, work on developing oil shale into Oil products, AND work on alternative sources of energy.

18. We should not forget, during our search for alternatives, that the world has a finite supply of everything. Using corn for fuel is a good option if it is feasible, but we shouldn't forget that it also takes away from the supply available.

19. "Windfall Profits" is the most ridiculous phrase I've ever heard.

20. Exxon Mobile had a Profit Margin of 10.85% for Fiscal Year 2007. That hardly sounds like "Windfall Profits" to me.

21. Apple Computers had a Profit Margin of 15.13%.

22. Coca-Cola had a Profit Margin of 20.64%. and is more expensive, per gallon, than gasoline.

23. Coca-Cola's main ingredient is water.

24. If you make $50,000, and manage to save $5,425 in a year (including 401(k), 403(b), or any other retirement savings), should you be forced to pay an extra tax because of "Windfall Profits"?

25. Communism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

26. Socialized Health Care is good in theory.

27. Health Care is better in countries without Socialized Health Care.

28. Used as an example, as our prayers are with him, but Senator Kennedy is staying in the US to try and recover from his brain tumor. Senator Kennedy has long been a supporter of Socialized Health Care. A man with his money will receive the best care money can buy. Note that he's staying in the United States, and not paying to be treated in a nation where Health Care is socialized.

29. Tax Rebates, Tax Credits, Tax Reductions, etc. are NOT gifts from the government, they are simply not taking as much of your money as they were before.

30. The government should operate as efficiently as possible, and use as little of our money as possible. It will take a businessman's mind to correct the current model of "Some income, more expense".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like number 29 =)

oh and go rays!!!!

Lisa Anne

June 4, 2008 at 7:32 AM  

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