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Friday, May 23, 2008


I suppose this will be the easiest blog to start, given how much I love this topic. Everyone has an opinion on movies, and so do I. If yours differ from mine, let me know! The good news is I'll listen to your opinion. The bad news is that this is my blog, so my opinions are more important than yours.

This will probably be updated frequently, but not every movie deserves a place in these categories. Some movies are just good/bad without deserving a place below. A good example is "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe": it's a good movie, but doesn't deserve "Classics" status.

Classics - Should be required viewing. Debate is not an option when discussing these movies, they are fantastic.

Lion King - A fantastic Disney movie.

Major League - One of the best baseball movies of all time. Not for kids ears though: the curse-word free version has to be about 23 minutes long.

Young Frankenstein - A Mel Brooks Classic. If you don't find this funny, there is little help for you.

Rough Day - The best movies to watch after a day that would have been better had you not gotten out of bed.

The Alamo - Gotta love the violin. "It's amazing what a little harmony will do."

Band of Brothers - Any episode.

Count of Monte Cristo - The ultimate story of revenge. Fantastic movie (if you can find it and are willing to read subtitles, I hear the French version is amazing).

V for Vendetta - Another fantastic "Rough Day" movie.

Ladies Group - The best movies to earn brownie points.

For the Love of the Game - Great Baseball movie with a terrible love story thrown in. More of a "For both" than a "Ladies Group", as the baseball plot allows for "Male Only" viewing, but because of the love story, it can't go anywhere else. Remove the love story, and this goes to the "Classics" Category.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - It could be worse, at least it's got Kate Hudson in it...

The Little Mermaid - If Ariel can't get you out of trouble, it's time to learn the subtle art of the foot massage, or consider purchasing a more comfortable mattress for the dog house, and installing cable.

The Notebook - Sad story. Use only as a last resort.

P.S. I Love You - Tear-jerker. Use only if The Notebook didn't work.

Only on a Saturday 2 AM...with friends... - self-explanatory.

Beerfest - Hilarious, but a better movie at 2 AM.

Dodgeball - And the award for "Best cameo in any movie" goes to....Lance Armstrong! (Thunderous Applause).

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - Three words. Neil.Patrick.Harris.

Duds - No explanation necessary.

About Schmidt - Seriously Jack, was the rent due? And Kathy? Don't ever do that again...

Dude Where's My Car - barely...watchable...

Lorenzo's Oil - Yes, I know it's a good story. No, it shouldn't have ever been made.


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